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Modifying Agent M-80


Chemical Name: Macromolecular Material Processing Modifying Agent M-80 Resin

Structural Formula:


Main Chemical Indexes:



Colorless or light yellow crystalline powder

Softening Point


Volatile(125°C 3 hours)





Characteristics and Uses:

This product is an excellent processing auxiliary, which can lower the temperature of processing materials with melt rate lowered, plasticizing time shortened and PVC fluidity increased. It is nontoxic, aging-resistant and well insulated, widely applicable to PVC and various products. Because of its good binding performance, it can be widely applied to the preparation of binding agents. Moreover, it can adjust the hardness of various rubbers and promote the tear resistance and wear resistance of sulfured rubber. Besides, it can be widely applied to colorant. Its adding dosage is generally not above 3%.


Storing and Packing

This product is nontoxic with stable performance. It should be stored at dry and ventilated places and packed in polypropylene knit bags lined with plastic bags with the net per-bag capacity of 25 kg.

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