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Crosslinking Agent DCP


Chemical Name: Dicumen Hydroxide

Molecular Formula: [C6H5C(CH3)2O]2


Main Indexes:



White Crystal



Melting Point






This product is an excellent organic hydroxide, capable of being used as the initiating agent of the polymerization of monomers, vulcanizing agent, crosslinking agent, solidifying agent, flame-retarding agent etc. Widely applicable to such industries as rubber, polyolefine, foaming plastics, cable, shoe manufacture, insulating paint etc. with the recommended dosage of about 3%.

When applied to the crosslinking of low-density PE, it can promote thermal performance, mechanical performance with high modulus and distortion temperature, as well as promote contraction at normal temperate etc.

Applicable to the crosslinking of DCP for shoes manufacture, bike tire, slipper etc.

Applicable to the crosslinking of DCP for improving the performance of pressure resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance etc.

Applicable to the crosslinking of PVC for importing surface hardness, heat resistance, tensile strength, size stability as well as elasticity et.

Storing, Transporting and Packing:

Stored in dry, ventilated warehouses with temperature below 30°C, avoiding direct sunlight and fierce vibration; packed in polypropylene knit bag lined with plastic bags with the net weight of 20 kg per bag or according customers' requirements.

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