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Plastic Antistatic Agent HB-1


Product Illustration:

Type:Special Surface Active Agent



This product can significantly decrease the surface resistance of the plastic products, making it reach 108~109°. It enjoy high and durable antistatic effect and good compatibility with resin, and will not affect the processing and use of the plastic products. This product is soluble in alcohol, acetone, chloroform etc.





White Powder or Particles

Content of Effective Substances


Melting Point


Decomposing Point



Oral LD 50 for mouse: 5000mg/kg


Product Use:

Used as the internally added antistatic agent of polyolefine plastics and nylon for manufacture of antistatic macromolecular materials, such as PE, PP membrane, flake material, containers, packing bas (boxes) etc.


Use Methods and Dosage:

This product can be directly added into the resin for processing products. The antistatic material is to be manufactured beforehand, and mixed with blank resin for manufacturing products with the result of good uniformity. With the dosage of 0.3-1.5%, this product can reach generate excellent antistatic effects.

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