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1. Chemical Name:


2. Molecular Formula: NH2(CH2)2NH(CH2)3SiCH3(OCH3)2

3. Properties:

Colorless transparent liquid.

CAS No.:


Molecular Weight:


Boiling Point:




Refractive Index (nD25)



4. Application:


  1. As coupling agent with double group, JH-M602 can improve the adhesion of organic material to inorganic ground material, is a kind of all-purpose anchoring agent applicable for most organic and inorganic materials.
  2. As the material to produce diamino-type amino modified silicon oil and many kinds of super soft finishing agent of organic silicon. After amino radical bond onto the skeleton of silicon oil, greatly improve the orientation property of organic silicon (molecule) onto the fabric and strengthen the affinity to fabric, which make fabric super soft, smooth, well-drape, antistatic, resistant to washing and crinkle.
  3. JH-M602 can be used as coupling agent in single or double component RTV sealant to improve adhesion to material (concrete, copper, glass,etc.). When sealant is solidified, system appearance is clear without air bladder.


5. Storing and Packing:

  1. Packing:10kg/pail, 25kg/pail or 200 kg/drum or other packing on request.
  2. This product must be sealed and kept in cool & ventilated place.

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