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The blend of Bis-[y-(Ttriethoxysilyl)-Propyl]-Tetrasulfide(50%) and Carbon Black(50%)


1. Chemical Name:

The blend of Bis-[y-(Ttriethoxysilyl)-Propyl]-Tetrasulfide(50%) and Carbon Black(50%)

2. Molecular Formula:


3. Properties:

Black fine granule with slight alcohol odor.

4. Application:

I t is a mixture of JH-S69 silane coupling agent and N-330 carbon black with the same function as JH-S69 but easier to operate. It can improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber and greatly strengthen tensile strenth, antitearing strenth, abrasion resistance, reduce the permanent deformation and viscosity of gross rubber, improve process property. The suitable polymer include NR,IP,SBR,BR,NBR,EPDM, etc.

5. Storing and Packing:

  1. Packing: PE bag, net weight: 25KG/bag or other packing on request.
  2. This product must be sealed and kept in cool & ventilated place.

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